To begin with, my name is Dillon, aka Dilliat. My name Dilliat is a combination of my first name, “Dillon” and one of the most iconic artist ever, “Basquiat”.

Before the creation of Dilliat, I wasn’t drawing heavily at all. This idea came to me naturally and I wanted to act on it. Where did the idea come from you ask? It came from a simple picture (below)

This picture of Basquiat led me to become an artist. I loved the idea of creating art, and also creating a business outside of it. Its crazy how a picture, or any art form can spark an idea in someone and change their life. Additionally, I also admire rap mogul, Jay Z. Jay Z always raps about Basquiat, and mentions his name quite frequently in his songs. Its funny because I grew up on Jay Z music, thanks to my dad. I became related to his music at a young age, and ultimately his music led to me becoming fascinated with art history. His legendary line, “Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner, gone head lean on that shit Blue you own it!”, kept repeating in my head, and led to a curiosity of the artist Basquiat.

Soon after the Golden Idea, I began drawing and looking for my signature art style. I wanted to approach each piece as a song, whether singing through a color, or word. Colors evoke emotion much like words do. So with this, I began doing abstract art. What inspired me to do abstracts, was the memory of seeing the famous “color blocks” and remember going, why is this so simple… yet satisfying. I later learned the name of the artist and those color blocks…. Rothko’s.

I released these abstract Dilliats on Opensea, and began to learn more about the NFT Space. I learned that Twitter is where I needed to showcase my work, and I needed a community around my art. With 2 weeks gone by with no sales, my dad said that I needed to make a change of crypto community. And this is where I came over to the CNFT Space. With this change came better results. I was selling on Artano and connected with Tylerwithspaces, and he quickly taught me the ropes of how to mint, what wallet to use, and how to send Dilliats to people. This was before smart contracts by the way, so I had to message people and do ADA Swap for transactions. Additionally with this connection, this led to my first sale, “Riches” for 150 ADA.

Then… quickly there was a domino effect. This led to me selling my second Dilliat, “Lover Boy’ to Fettuccine for 350 ADA.

And then this happened. 6 Dilliats were sold for $2,500 dollars. This was when I knew I got something going and I have to stick with it. Talk about how proud, and in awe I was after this sale. https://twitter.com/i/status/1449581568209690625

With 4 months gone by, I had sold out my first collection of 100 Dilliats. I decided to name this collection, “Road To Blue Chip” This is what led to me start making collections, or what I like to call “Albums”. I never planned on making a collection until I looked up, and realized I had sold 100 Dilliats.

This collection is indeed a classic, and the start of my art career and many more Dilliat collections to come. Much like how Jay Z cherishes his first album, “Reasonable Doubt”, I do the same with Road To Blue Chip. I wanted the cover to express that it will take time to achieve certain things, and that the key is to use my positive emotions to lead the way.

In all, I wanted to highlight the origins of the Dilliat brand, and wanted to give insight on the roots of the things that I have achieved. So far, I have continued to sell and polish Dilliats, and I will keep doing so. Each Dilliat Collection is an era, and each will age like fine wine.

What a time to be alive… – Dilliat.